Ambient Music пишет:Planet Boelex - Exist

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Ambient Music пишет:Planet Boelex - Exist
Planet Boelex - Exist [2013]

Exist marks the return to this world of the Finnish electronic musician, Planet Boelex. His decision to disappear from the scene following the acclaimed 2010 release, Raja, served to dismay and perplex. Artists with integrity tend to retire when they have nothing more to say, and yet here was one consistently pushing at frontiers. Perhaps his reasons should remain unexplained. This way, we can submit to these six new tracks as if they’ve just floated in from some other realm. From the opening notes, this is a listening experience designed to evolve. Where Planet Boelex excels is in drawing you back again and again to make endless new discoveries. There is in fact a complex musical gravity at work here. Melodies rise and fall outside of conventional rhythms, sailing with trusted collaborators at times, and the result is quietly awe-inspiring. Whether or not we hear more from Planet Boelex in future, Exist is a timeless offering. Matt Whyman.Аудиозапись: Planet Boelex - Exist (08:05)Аудиозапись: Planet Boelex & Lisa's antenna - Stay (05:40)Аудиозапись: Planet Boelex & Mosaik - Space Walrus (07:12)Аудиозапись: Krister Linder - The Great Surrender (Planet Boelex remix) (07:43)Аудиозапись: Planet Boelex & Bad Loop - Unreasonable Reasoning (08:30)Аудиозапись: Planet Boelex - Leaving Quietly (Weldroid remix) (08:07)

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